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Foot Deodorizing Blend (15 - 20 Minutes)  
Recommended for:  Athlete's Foot    Bromhidrosis    Foot Odor    Foot Perspiration     Hot Feet    

To keep your feet clean and deodorizing or eliminating the smell, we start our services with a
refreshed stimulating and cleansing process with natural herb foot soak in a wood bucket for
15 to 20 minutes

The tea bag powder we are using for your foot soak is imported from China. The tea bag powder is extracted
from over 20 different kinds of pure natural herbs which have been used in the traditional Chinese medication for
over thousands of years and have been lab tested in modern Chinese medication institutes prove to be no side
effects to human body and skin.  

By soaking your feet in the herbal hot solution for 15 to 20 minutes will not only help to  clean your feet,
deodorizing, eliminating the smell, sterilization, disinfection, killing the germs or bacteria but also help to
stimulate your blood circulation make your entire body feel fresh and relaxing.

Foot Reflexology (40 minutes)
After 15 to 20 minutes foot soak, there is an ancient Chinese form of pressure therapy (foot
massage). This treatment involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located
in the foot, which correspond to specific areas in the body. The pressure addresses each particular
meridian zone. This ancient Chinese style Foot Massage helps clear the pathways of energy flow
throughout the body, return body balance, and increase immune response.

Foot & Leg Care 45 min
An ideal antidote for aching legs and tired feet; this revitalizing treatment brings unpara' s include
long periods of standing, sitting, pregnancy, excess weight, varicose veins, and even shopping.
While one session brings immediate relief, a course of treatments is recommended.

Feet for a Life 50 min
Your feet are softened and pampered in a stimulating bath with pure natural Chinese herbs. Then a
gentle exfoliation and cuticle repair work is done. It is followed by a half leg mask and relaxing
massage using specially blended oils to improve circulation, bringing instant relief to tired and
swollen feet and legs. All this will improve your step.

Head-to-Toe  massage 60 min
Indulge in luxurious head, shoulders, hand, feet and toes massage to refine your balance. This
treatment is designed to pamper and purify, through focused attention on the body areas that
receive the hardest stress in a daily life. Indeed, this is the ideal stress reliever.

A foot soak at our LH FOOT CARE Center

1. Revives achy swollen feet
2. Relieves foot pain
3. Cleans and deodorizes feet
4. Leaves feet smelling fresh and clean
5. Increases circulation

A foot soak at our LH FOOT CARE Center makes a thoughtful gift for golfers, runners, dancers,
professional athletes, the elderly, pregnant, and people who have jobs that require they stand all

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that uses
pressurized thumb and finger-walking techniques to reflex
points on the feet.  Reflexology is an Art and a Science.  
It is based upon the premise that there is an invisible map
of the human body on the feet that corresponds to those
specific body parts.  Applying finger pressure to reflex
points stimulates nerve endings and meridian pathways
which send impulse-messages to the corresponding
organs, systems, skeletal structures, or to general body
regions (or body zones).  That is, Reflexology triggers a
kinetic reaction through nerve pathways or meridian lines
that travel directly to connecting nerves and meridian
points and back into the targeted zones in the body.   

In this manner, Reflexology helps to clear energy blockage
and congestion along those nerve and meridian pathways,
as well as corresponding body regions / zones, thus
reducing accumulated stress from end-to-end.  

Over time, with deliberate attention paid to rid you body
of stress, Reflexology can help peal-away the years of
tension that the cells in your body are still holding on to.

In the past, Reflexology was also known as Zone
Therapy.  This Art and Science has been practiced for
thousands of years.
We open 7 days a week
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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足太阴脾经,施以攻补 兼施手法,以钢以柔达到肾藏经主骨

Herbal Foot Soak

Recent research indicates that Herbal Foot Bath brings about
dramatic effects in as little as a 30-minute session. Several studies
in China Guangxi Medical University have demonstrated that
people who have foot soak for a short time showed increased
alpha waves (the relaxed brain waves) and decreased anxiety and

To explore exactly what part of the brain foot soak has effects
on, researchers at China Guangxi Medical University used MRI
technology on participants to monitor brain activity while they
are soaking their feet. They found that it activates the sections of
the brain in charge of the autonomic nervous system, which
governs the functions in our bodies that we can't control, such as
digestion and blood pressure. These are also the functions that
are often compromised by stress. It makes sense, then, that
modulating these functions would help to ward off stress-related
conditions such as heart disease, digestive problems and infertility
An ideal gift for your love ones

Why not give a foot massage to someone special as a gift ?
Ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Special Occasions or just as a thank you
to that special person or loved one

You can purchase a foot massage for someone just by ringing and giving the
details: name, address and time of appointment needed, your and their
telephone number (so that we can check any details) and of course then
sending a cheque for the fee.
We will then make all the required arrangements.

Foot massage at our LH FOOT CARE center - our massage therapiest  
actually help
clear the pathways of energy flow throughout the
body, return body balance, and increase immune response.
He or
she works on the ancient principles of reflexology and increases
engergy flow by stimulating growth hormone secretion by the pituitary
gland through continuous massage of certain reflex points at the
bottom of your feet. Simply place the most convex parts of the
stimulator insoles against the most concave parts of your feet and cut
away the extra parts of the insoles along the closest dotted line to
exactly fit your feet. To maximise the benefits of foot massage by
visiting us at LH FOOT CARE Center, three times a week is

Make an important decision today - try our ancient style foot
massage! Even if you don't have any problem with your feet, you could
certainly do with the refreshing fitness that follows a thorough foot
massage. Yes, make appointment with LH FOOT CARE right now
and change your life forever!  Most of all you are getting a service that
will cater to your specific needs. Visit us today!

Foot massages are a simple and effective way to better health.
According to Chinese Medicine, the foot is, in fact, a separate body,
which is directly related to all of our body parts and organs. Your foot
is divided into many different vital-energy sections, which can treat
different areas of your body. By massaging a section of the foot, the
corresponding body area receives specific therapeutic treatment.
Foot massage can also be used to treat internal organ diseases,
relieve internal discomfort, and relax your body.

So, by stimulating one or a combination of areas, you will in turn be
massaging the corresponding body muscles and organs.


• We use high quality, Sulfur-free and Lab-Tested Chinese Medicinal
Herbs only.

• All natural herbal remedies, NO side effects.

• Safe, effective and high potency.

• Our Herbal formulas have been used successfully in China for over

• Special herbal remedies that smell good and feel natural.

• Recover from all kinds of foot problems fast & easy with herbs.

• Stop arthritic pain naturally.

Now, it is being proven that the feet, hands & ears
reflect an “invisible” map that correspond Since ancient
times it was believed that regular massage of many
physicians for the past several hundred years, the Art
of Reflexology is being codified into a Science.

It seems everyone these days is seeking to find a
proper and safe way to relax in order to regain and
restore a balanced energy flow.  Reflexology is a
perfect solution to help reduce the ongoing buildup of
stress; or alternately, it helps revitalize the body's
muscle tissue and organ function.

There is much testimony and scientific evidence that
Reflexology has had direct beneficial effects towards
alleviating symptoms, eliminating stress, and
contributing to having better sense of well-being.
However, Reflexology cannot promise to cure any
progressed diseasees or chronic ailments.

Manipulated through massage, can lead to a feeling of
revitalization throughout our entire body. Cooped up
in shoes and socks all day, the feet are often a very
neglected part of the body. LH FOOT CARE by
employing 3000 years ancient Chinese style foot
massage will calm, relax
Benefits of a foot massage session are manifold -
calmness and serenity, improved circulation, improved
lymph flow, increased energy, balanced emotions,
detoxification, relaxation, homeostasis, a safe modality,
and emotional release among many others. Foot
massage relieves stress, aches & pain, and lowers the
chance of back pain & back injury. A foot massage
invigorates tired, aching, and sore feet - leaving your
feet fresh, attractive and tingling and you feeling better
all over.

Herbal Foot Soak

- Washes away fungus and bacteria
- Soothes itching from athlete's foot
- Helps prevent recurrence of foot fungus
- Relieves itching from skin irritations
- Cleans & deodorizes